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Ep7: How people, processes and tools help with the acceleration of building houses with the MRA

by Paul Vogels, on Sep 7, 2021 12:39:38 PM

Topics:Project Controls

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In This PROCON Episode

In this episode 7 of the PROCON podcast, Paul is joined by Lex Brans who is the Project Leader Acceleration Housing program from Metropole Region Amsterdam discussing the topic How people, processes, and tools help with the acceleration of building houses with the MRA.

The MRA has to build 15,000 homes every year to meet the demand from new residents. All municipalities of the MRA are committed to this goal. With a lean and mean team and external parties in area development and housing production, they form an inspiring collaboration.

Paul and Lex share experiences and chat around these three key subjects.

  • How an integrated approach can help the MRA with its challenge
  • Why uniform processes and data gives insight into the production of building new houses
  • How MRA is solving the challenge to build 170.000 houses in the next 10 years (and further)

Lex shares valuable information for those interested in accelerating house building using people, processes, and tools, listen or watch this episode now.

Lex Brans Bio PicLex Brans

Lex's experience as a Project Leader extends over 25 years with process management in the design and implementation of strategic development projects. Specializing in project management and complex collaborative projects, interim management organizational changes, line management roles with ultimate responsibility. Lex also serves as on supervisory boards/boards of various cultural organizations.

Lex's Specialities

  • Specialities: Appreciative organisation gives the heart of the company the space to find and build on its strengths.
  • The capital of any organization is its staff.
  • Together with the team, it is possible to make a difference and to achieve goals with the organization that previously seemed impossible.
  • Creativity and inspiration are the keywords, without losing sight of the end goal.

Contact Lex on LinkedIn or via his website:
LinkedIn Icon Connect with Lex on LinkedIn here

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About Paul Vogels

Paul Vogels is the managing director of Primaned, a boutique consulting firm in Project Controls. He is a real ambassador on getting more awareness on Project Controls. With an education in Business Administration and Informatics, he bridges the gap between the business value and the digitalization for the organisations they are advising. As a real Xennial his motto is to motivate the generation X to let go of the past and go digital!


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