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Ep4: How To Drive Your Project On Hydrogen

by Paul Vogels, on Jul 27, 2021 10:45:00 AM

Topics:Project Controls

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In This PROCON Episode

In this episode 4 of the PROCON podcast, Paul is joined by Ron Hochstenbach the Business & Finance Manager, and Gabriel Garcia Aparicio the Project Manager at Forze Hydrogen Racing where they discuss How To Drive Your Project On Hydrogen.

Like any racing team, there are high risks in every area, and learn how project controls in reducing these risks for the team.

The team discusses how project controls positively impact the team to address some of the challenges it faces including:

  • Having to onboard a new team each year
  • Having a relatively large team of students working full-time on the projects
  • How it addresses the steep learning curve of the new management board that is also new every year 

The Forze cars utilize a different and far more efficient concept including using a fuel cell onboard the vehicles that convert the energy stored in its hydrogen fuel, to electric energy.

This means that the hydrogen fuel cell system can be used to power an electric drivetrain like a battery.

Forze Hydrogen Racing is setting a great example on how to be efficient, use the data and drive new initiatives using projects, listen to the podcast to learn more about this exciting business.

Ep4 - Ron Hochstenbach Bio PicRon Hochstenbach

As Business & Finance Manager, I am the board member responsible for keeping track of the budget. Also, I manage the 5 full-timers and 5 part-timers of the business department. Comprised of events, marketing, and partnerships, I take care of the planning and strategy of this department.

Contact Ron:
LinkedIn Icon Connect with Ron on LinkedIn here


Ep4 - Gabriel Garcia Aparicio Bio PicGabriel Garcia Aparicio

At Forze, we promote the use of hydrogen as a sustainable energy carrier in the mobility sector by designing, building, and racing the world’s fastest hydrogen-electric race car. Gabriel is the Project Manager at Forze Hydrogen Racing.

Contact Gabriel:
LinkedIn Icon Connect with Ron on LinkedIn here

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About Paul Vogels

Paul Vogels is the managing director of Primaned, a boutique consulting firm in Project Controls. He is a real ambassador on getting more awareness on Project Controls. With an education in Business Administration and Informatics, he bridges the gap between the business value and the digitalization for the organisations they are advising. As a real Xennial his motto is to motivate the generation X to let go of the past and go digital!


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